Cutting Edge Technology Makes a Home at Wright Dental

In October of 2011 our office participated in an old fashioned face off of technology.   The goal of the day was to prep a tooth for a crown restoration, scan the restoration intra orally, communicate it to an in house milling machine and deliver the restoration same day.  Needless to say neither companies technologies were able to deliver a same day crown.  

Fast forward almost a decade later.  In February of 2019 we attended our annual Mid Winter Dental Convention in Chicago.  We were able to visit the Planmeca Booth of which we might of overstayed and started planning for our integration of this cutting edge technology.  

When we reached out to Planmeca we found out they were about to be our neighbors.  Dr. Wright and Dr. Wertke have always priortized incorporating continuing education in their careers. In late summer when we visited the Planmeca facility in Hoffman Estates we quickly realized their passion and importance for education mirrored ours.  

To date we are happy to announce the following to our home at Wright Dental:

With above added technologies to our patient we have the ability to SCAN, PLAN and PERFORM all in house.  The icing on the cake?  Same Day Dentistry~



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