Digital Smile Design

This is an exciting time in dentistry, because patients can now particpate in developing a confidant smile with new technology.  Dentistry is raplidly becoming a profession embracing digital scanning capabilities and emerging software to manage and manipulate the acquired images-permitting extraordinary exploration of potential treatment options.  

Digital scanning produces an amazingly accurate representation of the dental structures capturing both teeth and supporting tissues.  

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is the software that takes the digital scan and merges it with the patient's face.  The scan and image are calibrated to sync accurately, permitting the dentist/smile designer to envision potential restorative options.  THese options can be reviewed by the patient, lab technician, and dentist.  This allow the patient an opportunity to express their desires in the process of change.  A before and after image is produced and shared, communicating the improvements with the patient.  This is the inital 2D representation that starts the process!  

A video is taken of the patient to capture them engaging in conversation that allows the analysis of facial movements of the lips and surrounding soft tissues.  Next, the dentist brings this collected information to the ceramist, who then personalizes the case in its design and fabrication.  

The next step is the indexed design which can be used to initiate the fabrication of a "trial smile".  This accurage laser-printed modeal can be used to create a prototype for placement in the mouth.  Further video evaluation of the trial smile in plaved highlights the interaction and harmony of the proposed restorations, permitting refinements and enhancements.  This is the beginning of the 3D respresentation.  

Once the approval of the concept is achieved, accurate planning based on the digital proposal can begin!  Using modalities like Invisalign (to move teeth into favorable positions) and guided tissue placement (to create harmonious pink tissue frame) treatment results can be accurately controlled.  Once again these are digitally conceived and implemented procedures that possess an accuracy heretofore unachievable in the non-digital analog world.  

The DSD apple based software has several components that are evolving rapidly, guided by it's originator Dr. Christian Coachman, a true visionary of this process.  This is an exciting time for people who want to improve their smile!

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