Why Dental X-Rays are Safe?

Planmeca ProMax 3D CBCT

It was the Summer of 1996 when I found myself in a dark room trying to process the full set of xrays I had just taken on a patient per the Doctor's request.  As I waited several minutes not daring to open the door and expose the film to the light of day.  Here are the several questions that ran through my head for those long 15 minutes.  

I wondered did I get the full view of teeth, gums and bone level? 

What if I missed the view he was looking for?

How would I tell the patient that I needed to put their armor of the weighted lead apron on? 

Fast forward to today where we are able to take ourselves out of the guessing game and into the digital world!  At Wright Dental we offer digital radiography not only in 2D but 3D as well.  Here are benefits Digital dental x-Rays:

Less Radiation- digital x-rays are known to use 90% less raditation than traditional x-rays.

Higher Quality of Images- These digital films can be blown up to any size for Dr. Wright and Dr. Wertke to accurately access issues, if any.

Immediate Viewing - digital radiology allows real time viewing of your oral cavity. 

The complete picture is available - This feature typically ensures that Dr. Wright and Dr. Wertke can obtain the best diagnosis and treatment plan for you . 

Environmental Friendly - Digital radiography does not have to use any chemicals for developing film. 

Transferring Dental Records Immediately - Since in the digitized form, therefore, they can be instantly sent to any other speciality office for further reference, within seconds.  

Taking x-rays help Dr. Wright and Dr. Wertke visualize diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with a oral exam.  In addition, x-rays help Dr. Wright and Dr. Wertke find and treat dental problems early in their development.  

I am very thankful to have benefited myself and watched this advanced technology evolve and work for an office that strives themselves on investing in this techonology for the benefit of our patients.  

Fun Fact:  Film x-rays were invented as early as 1895 which is over 125 years ago! 

Article Written by:  Jeannie Klaassens (Wright Dental's Practice Manager) 

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