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If your smile is not as bright as it used to be because of stained, dull, or discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening could be the answer. Call Wright Dental in Barrington, Illinois, or make an appointment online to learn how an in-office professional teeth-whitening procedure can brighten your teeth and your smile.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How does teeth whitening work?

Over time, the hard outer enamel surface of your teeth gets worn down, revealing the darker inner layer, called the dentin. Certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, soy sauce, and berries, as well as medications and smoking can turn your once white, bright smile yellowish or beige.

Even worse, as you get older, your teeth become more absorbent and vulnerable to staining. Teeth-whitening products use bleach to fade or eliminate these stains or discoloration.

What are the benefits of in-office professional teeth whitening?

While at-home whitening toothpaste and strips can lighten stained teeth to some degree, they are also abrasive and can further wear away your teeth enamel. Plus, they can take an hour a day for several weeks to show results.

The professional whitening product used at Wright Dental has a higher concentration of bleach than store-bought products and can only be administered by a trained professional. A professional whitening procedure can remove stains from severely discolored teeth as well as crowns and bridges, whereas a drugstore product is ineffective at doing so.

Another advantage to an in-office whitening appointment is that you receive an examination of your teeth prior to application of the product to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for such a treatment. So, in about an hour you get a dental exam and a dazzling smile.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

The two most common side effects of teeth whitening are tooth sensitivity and mild irritation. Both side effects are temporary and subside within a couple of days after the treatment.

How soon can I expect results from teeth whitening and how long do they last?

While drugstore whitening strips require daily treatments for one to several weeks, one treatment with Wright Dental produces dramatic results immediately. You can expect results to last for about five years.

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